Art of flexibility intensive with Rebecca Hannah

Sted:HiYoga Majorstuen
Start:7. oktober 2022
Slutt:9. oktober 2022
Tid:Fredag 16-20, Lørdag 09-17, Søndag. 09-17
Instruktør:Rebecca Hannah


 Develop the strength, awareness, and mobility to safely deepen your flexibility and increase your range of motion. This course combines drills, assists, and transitions inspired by yoga, contortion, and dance that will help you develop a strong, solid, and safe foundation. We will explore how to integrate this into your practice and teaching. This knowledge will support you to create sequences and programs that are fun, effective, relevant, and smart. 

The course covers:

  • Different types of stretching including static, passive, active, dynamic, ballistic, and PNF.

  • The benefits and risks of each type of stretching and how, when, and why to use them.

  • Alignment, cueing, and injury prevention.

  • How to safely assess an individual's flexibility and understand where their restrictions are in order to set goals and create the most effective programs.

  • The art of teaching and how to curate a fun, positive, and safe learning environment.

  • Modifications and advancements including how to manage a class of students with different levels of flexibility.

  • Assisting and adjusting including prop and partner based assists.

  • Choreography including how to get creative with your practice and transitions.

  • Creative sequencing in warm-up routines, specific stretches, and whole body sequences, which you can build into flexibility specific class plans and programs.



Friday: 16-20

Saturday: 09-17

Sunday: 09- 17

*Homework will be provided by the teacher on the first day of the training

 20 Hours Continuing Education digital certificate will be given to teachers. All the modules must be attended in order to receive the certificate. 

Tuition fee: NOK 4300

Special Early bird offer before 15th of september: NOK 3800 

Your registration is binding once you confirm your booking and there is no refund. Possible to change name on reservation - contact: for questions.