2-Day Forrest Yoga Immersion with Ilias Kousis, Forrest Yoga Guardian and HiYoga Master Trainer

Sted:HiYoga Aker Brygge
Start:17. september 2022
Slutt:18. september 2022
Tid:09.00-11:30 & 13:00-16:00
Instruktør:Ilias Kousis, Forrest Yoga Guardian and HiYoga Master Trainer

In this immersion you will receive tools which will help you to understand your body in a deeper and more aware way. One of the Medicine gifts of Forrest Yoga is to enable us to create long-term and effective changes in our bodies and Spirit. You will acquire a much deeper understand in regards to your pain and its causes as well as its interaction with your lifestyle and decisions off the mat. We do this through combined application of Ceremony, Meditation and Asana practice.


Each day will be divided in two sections, morning intensive practice 9:00–11:30 (2,5 hours) and afternoon session 13:00–16:00 (3 hours):

In the morning intensives, you will be guided through a Native American-inspired ceremony called Four Directions, which will create a sacred space, clear your mind and set the foundation for increased focus on whatever we will be working on that day. During the morning practice, I will be explaining the correct alignment of some controversial poses, based on the people I have on the group. There is NOT only one correct, universal alignment for all. This is why I will individualize it based on the participants. Last but not least, I will have some “teaching exercises” to educate and entertain those who contemplate the idea of becoming a Forrest Yoga Teacher. These will be optional, but lots of fun! In the afternoon sessions, we will work on analyzing the technical aspects of many “problematic” poses. I will assess based on the group what poses are worth to be prioritized. You will have the pleasure to learn some basic hands-on assists on the poses. It will feel great for your body to adjust one another. It will also give you a good taste on how beautiful it feels to help others experience release and more space in their bodies and joints!


In addition, we will go through the basic Forrest Yoga moves, which you will learn even more effectively by teaching them to each other. The principle behind this is that you will take responsibility of being a teacher. This automatically puts you in a place of accountability and increases the chances that you will put more effort into understanding what you are learning. Please, understand that taking up the role of a teacher is something you have experienced already, or you will inevitably experience. For instance, you have been a teacher/mentor to your younger sibling or friend, employee, child or even to somebody who asked you for guidance on the street. This will teach you the value of being accountable and assess better the outcome of your actions. This is a life quality. I highly encourage you to send me any information about your injuries or any pregnancy in advance at Pregnant women are welcome! If you are right now thinking, this is not for me it will be advanced, then you are the one that should be taking this immersion!


This workshop is suitable for:

All level practitioners who wish to deepen their practice on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, as well as students who are considering to take the upcoming Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training (200-hr Yoga Alliance certified). Much of the content of this immersion is inspired by the content of this training.