Francesca Golfetto

I am Francesca Golfetto, professional ballet dancer, certified yoga instructor and mum of 2.

My interest towards yoga started as a hobby, to keep my body healthy while releasing physical and mental tensions created from the strenuous ballet regime. 

However, it was through injury that yoga became my healing resource and my passion.

Yoga has quickly given me many new dimensions to the already extensive experience with physical and mental exercises. I truly love sharing my experience and knowledge while remaining a student in my quest for new knowledge.

My style is based on fluidity of movements, using a combination of active flexibility and mobility to create strength without building tension. My classes are recognized for a high level of energy, a bit of laughter and a wide range of natural sequences aiming to benefit body and mind for all levels. 

I have been a full time yoga teacher for 7 years 

Type of classes I teach:

  • Vinyasa

  • Hot vinyasa

  • Ashtanga

  • Ashtanga mysore

  • Gentle flow

  • Prenatal

  • Workshops 

Why are you a Yoga instructor?

I believe yoga to be the greatest resource for healing for both body and mind. 

My passion is to guide and facilitate this process, share my experience and knowledge as well as to bring the balance of discipline and positive energy to my students and colleagues in the yoga community.


  • 500hrs RYT Ashtanga yoga
  • Intermediate series Certificate from Manju Jois
  • 100hrs RYT YogicArts
  • 40hrs Prental yoga
  • 40hrs Yogawheel
  • 50hrs Flexibility method from Talia Sutra