Ilias Kousis

I am a Level 5 – Forrest Yoga Guardian (highest honour within the Forrest Yoga system) and Master Trainer at HiYoga. My love for connection to Spirit started with connecting deeper to nature.

This led me to take education in geology, where I reached up to doctoral level. However, since I was suffering from emotional abuse from my supervisors, I decided to quit my PhD shortly before completion to turn my part-time yoga teaching into full-time. Since then, I am committed to help our people heal their pain, connect to their Spirit and reclaim the lost parts of their selves due to trauma. I do that through Yoga, Ceremony, Hands-on assists and Energy Medicine work. I am a strong believer that sky is the limit and I always encourage my students to step into their zone of discomfort in a compassionate way. I love witnessing my students experiencing breakthroughs on all sectors of their life.


  • Started practicing Yoga in 2013

  • Taught in Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany, 2016-2019

  • Teaching in Oslo, Norway since 2019

Timer jeg underviser:

  • Forrest Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Hot Yoga Flow

  • Private classes at HiYoga

Hvorfor er du Yoga instruktør?

Yoga has provided me with lots of tools in order to be the best version of myself. It has also taught me how to heal my injuries and constantly evolve on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. My aspiration is to share that passion and knowledge I have on yoga to anyone who is open to receive it, so that they can be their best versions of themselves and feel proud of how they are living their life.

You will find me at HiYoga, Oslo where I am teaching regular classes, privates, workshops, immersions and teacher trainings. For privates, contact me at:

Stay updated on my upcoming events on my website:


  • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow/Hatha/Ashtanga Raja Dhiraja/Restorative 200-hr Teacher Training, Himalayan Yoga Institute, North India, 2016
  • Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training 204-hr with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco, New Haven, 2017
  • Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 70-hr with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco, Berlin, 2018
  • Emotional Processing and Transformation 45-hr, Forrest Yoga Continuing Education Training (CET)
  • Effecting Coaching and Teaching and Lead Assistant Training 58-hr, Forrest Yoga CET, Berlin, 2019
  • Forrest Yoga Mentorship and Level 2 Certification 70-hr, Berlin, 2019
  • Forrest Yoga Level 3 Certification (860-hr), 2021
  • Ceremony, Meditation and Mindfulness 42-hr, Forrest Yoga CET, Kuala Lumpur, 2019
  • Anatomy and Physiology 42-hr, Forrest Yoga CET, Berlin, 2019
  • Fire of Spirit 10-hr, Forrest Yoga CET, online, 2020
  • Empowered Empath 35-hr, Forrest Yoga CET, online, 2021
  • Forrest Yoga Level 4 Certification (over 1000-hr), 2021
  • Forrest Yoga Guardian Level 5 Certification, 2021