Jamie Henderson

Jamie Henderson is an Ashtanga Yoga / Vinyasa practitioner and teacher who is passionate about body movement, health, philosophy and understanding the journey we are all on, with a life focus on elevating myself and the people around me.

Jamie’s teaching style is one of compassion, focus and to provide a safe and calm space for all students to go in and explore what is there. Jamie has a keen eye for detail and progressions on technique but also one of allowance and giving the student space and time to work within themselves.

Utdannelse / erfaring:

Having left London to focus solely on Yoga in 2016. Jamie has studied and trained extensively with: Iain Grysak in Bali, Astrid Holte Østbye, Kajsa Finnström and additional study with Ellen Johannesen, David Keil, Doug Swenson and Matt Corigliano. He was first introduced to Yoga in 2009 and has had a daily practice since 2014 and maintains a regular meditation / pranayama practice. 

Timer underviser i:

  • Ashtanga

  • Vinyasa 

  • PT 

Hvorfor er du Yoga instruktør?

I believe in being supportive and compassionate but also empowering each and every student with a goal of elevating and creating a positive space.

Please contact me for private sessions at: jamie.henderson@hiyoga.no

And more information about me at: http://www.jamiehendersonyoga.com


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