Flow Arts Workshop med Duncan Wong

24.-30. Juni // Workshop med Duncan Wong! We welcome you to our Flow Arts Organic Movement Therapy Workshop Series yogis/inis of Norway.

Seven days of workshops each with a different theme. Come to one of them or immerse yourself in daily practice, we have limited space so let us know if you are coming to take practice with Master Wong and his Nordic Løve Warrior tribe!

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24.-30. Juni 2017
Day 01: Body Wave 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Body Wave workshop. We will explore how our spines are designed to undulate like a wave with internal core resistance to produce optimal length and strength balance. Focus will be placed on connecting upward and downward dog poses with a review of the history and evolution of wave motion that rooted in Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), and provides the therapeutic link that the standard linear vinyasa approach does not address. All with an interest in healthy empowered flow should definitely take this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 02: Cross Core 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Cross Core workshop. We will learn how our body was designed to express itself through counter complimentary movement. Cross Core is a training concept that optimizes our natural ability to move gracefully and powerfully. The Cross Core Flow sequence begins with a simple yet highly effective vinyasa pattern that uses the Downward Dog pose as its base, and promotes opening our tight spots while strengthening our weak points. This workshop is a must for anyone interested in optimal core movement performance.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 03: Flow Motion 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Flow Motion workshop. This workshop will focus on redefining classical vinyasa flow by integrating hand and foot mudras that will transform how we experience yogic movement, while naturally synthesizing our experience of body movement alignment. Yogic and interdisciplinary warrior poses will be used to practice fluidity between familiar standing poses and a few potential new structures from martial arts and dance that we will explore together. Anyone who enjoys feeling the fluidity of a dancer in their flow should definitely take this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 04: Flow Assist 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Flow Assist workshop. This is a partner based practice that can also be practiced alone. The benefit of the partner practice includes being supported into alignment while practicing, while also learning how to assist another person in postures between the vinyasa flow movements. As in all flow, rhythm plays a great role in this type of training, which provides us with the opportunity to become a great 'dancer' from both sides of the flow partnership. Anyone with a desire to feel real vinyasa should take this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 05: Core Floor 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Core Floor workshop. This practice will take us to the ground where we will discover how to properly work our back and front core, while integrating them at our core center that yogis call bandha. Emphasis will be placed on the often less explored upper core (upper ribcage muscular region). Anyone hungry for natural source power should not miss this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 06: Body Work 17:30-19:30
Welcome to the Body Work workshop. This is a Thai therapy based practice that includes self massage adjustments within a group flow, as well as partnered Thai massage based assists options. Both a practical self and partner adjusted sequence will be repeated to insure good muscle memory of this helpful healing routine. No prior massage experience is necessary as we will focus on simple, safe and effective techniques that are at once learnable and transformational. Anyone interested in feeling great and helping other people feel great should take this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

Day 07: Maiso Mind 17:30-19:30        
Welcome to the Meiso Mind workshop. Meiso is the Japanese word for meditation, and this slow flow is designed to calm the heart and still the mind. We will explore a movement meditation method that is intentionally gentle and deep, with a vinyasa approach that brings us back to Zazen, (Lotus pose) between flow repetitions. Anyone seeking a peaceful heart and a steady mind should for sure take this workshop.

All with basic athletic ability are most welcome.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact michael.larsen@hiyoga.no.

Duncan Wong:
C.Y.T. (Certified Yoga Therapist)
C.M.T. (Certified Massage Therapist)
C.B.B. (Certified Black Belt)
Creator of the global Yogic Arts™ movement therapy system, and world renowned martial arts / yoga expert.

Yogic Arts™ integrates the core strength and joint conditioning elements of Buddhist Gung-Fu [healing martial arts], the fluidity and purification of Ashtanga Vinyasa [breath-motion yoga], and the healing touch of traditional Thai Therapy [yoga massage]. Each practice focuses on different aspects of the respective integration of massage, martial arts, and yogic technique, as we explore the evolution of asana and vinyasa [posture and movement].

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