Workshop med Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta

09.-12. Oktober // Ashtanga Yoga technique & practice with Mark Robberds & Deepika Mehta

Morning Mysore classes & Afternoon Workshops

Fee for all sessions: 2900NOK

Drop in Workshop: 500NOK
Drop in Mysore: 300NOK

Place: HiYoga Majorstuen

09-12 October Mysore Practise
Morning Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice 8:00-10:00am For all levels. Beginners welcome.

Monday 09. October kl.: 16:00-19:00
Foundations: Future Proof Body - Moving From Your Core and More
Take your fundamentals to the next level and understand why actively moving through the Sun Salutations and standing postures will not only future proof  (making it less susceptible to injury, but also increase your overall mobility and core strength.

Breathwork: Bringing back the importance of the breath to create a holistical approach to Yoga. We will explore various principles and techniques that the ancient yogis developed to increase not only health and well being, but spiritual awakening. Class ends with Guided relaxation.

Tusday 10. October kl.: 16:00-19:00
Roots, Foundations and Waves
Learn to use your feet and legs efficiently in the seated postures to create a steady and open base for developing the rest of your practice.  In this class we will also learn to move the spine in all directions to unlock the primary patterns of the Primary Series and look at the different postures in detail (especially the gatekeepers) and find ways to finish the Series with a strong, stable, fluid and supported core.

Wednesday 11. October kl.: 16:00-19:00
Arm Balancing, Yoga and Locomotion
In this workshop we will explore the latest developments in human and animal locomotion patterns and relate them specifically to the yoga practice. These movement principles will be applied to jump backs/jump throughs, various arm balances and more and more….

Breathwork… as always we will quieten the mind and the nervous system with a systematic approach to breath work and and finish with Yoga Nidra.

Thursday 12. October kl.: 16.00-19.00
All of us can develop safe and beautiful backbends to the vest of our own ability. It is a matter of rediscovering the primary patterns of movement that allow us to find our own unique way of expressing our back bending potential. From Samasthiti to the final pose, the keys to unlocking this intelligence of the body can be found. This class will explore ways to find those keys, the fundamental shoulder movements, pelvic/lumbar rhythms, breath patterns and the hip, leg and foot work needed for back bends and beyond, into all aspects of your practice and life. Breathwork and sitting practice.

About Mark:
Mark is well known for his ability to approach the practice with an open-minded point of view, making the practice accessible to all levels of students from any tradition. He follows the wisdom of ancient tradition while incorporating the best of modern techniques. He helps students to become the best version of themselves because this is what he shares - his own journey with honesty and from the heart.

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