Events & utdannelse

Her finner du en oversikt over våre events, som kan være inspirerende workshops, reiser og fantastiske yogahelger.

Utdannelse høsten 2021

Workshop med Ilias

When in struggle and fear, we become the least resourceful version of ourselves. We panic and make quick decisions that are based on insecurity and, they are not always the best choices we can make. Moreover, even realising we are in struggle is a very difficult thing to do. This workshop will equip you with tools, which can help you trace down the subtle expressions of fear and struggle both on physical and emotional levels. You will also learn how to cope with them, so that you can turn these challenging situations into rich learning experiences and grow, instead of paralysing or going down a spiral of self-mutilation. Physical focus: hips, neck, shoulders & arm balances.

Jump Back & Jump Through Workshop with Jamie

Join me for a 2 hour workshop where you will learn the basic principles and techniques of how tojump back and jump through as practised in the Ashtanga Yoga system.We will break down this technique and work through specific drills on how to build strength, bodyawareness and confidence on this vinyasa as well as the vinyasas in the Sun Salutations and othertransitions found in Primary Series. This workshop is available for all levels of students as everyonewill learn a strong foundation to work from with progressions and steps tailored to their ability.Previous experience of Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga is advised.

Workshop with Brinkela

In this workshop we will work on strength drills to level up your Ashtanga yoga practice. There are a lot of challenging postures found in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system, chaturanga, utplutihi dandasana, utplutihi, navasana, sirsasana to name a few, as well as transitions like the jump through & jump back etc. All of these postures are connected together and  I will help you find out how to put them together and practice in a more productive way so you see progression and not only struggle in your practice. The reason they are so hard is the combination of both strength and flexibility needed to perform them, which is exactly what we will be working on in this workshop! It will be tough, but also super energizing and fun! And best of all, you will get to see the results later on.

Introduction to mindfulness with Jonathan

Learn about the practice of mindfulness meditation and how to bring mindfulness into yoga. Discover the power of mental training to achieve greater balance and calm in the body and mind and deepen your asana practice.

Utdannelse våren 2022

RYT200 2022

Oslo // De senere årene har det dukket opp flere yogainstruktørutdannelser i Norge. Vi ser dette som en positiv utvikling som gir deg som yogalæreraspirant muligheten til å virkelig velge den utdanningen som passer best for deg og dine behov. Hiyogas yogalærerutdanning er i stilen Vinyasa - en dynamisk yogaform der pust og bevegelse er linket sammen i flyt. Yogautdanningen vil hjelpe deg å fordype din egenpraksis, samt gi deg mange nyttige verktøy for hvordan dele denne praksisen med andre gjennom å undervise yoga.