100HR Asana, Anatomy & Adjustment

Eager to learn more about anatomical adjustments within asanas as well as new movement patterns that compliment your yoga practice and teaching skills?

Weekend 1 June 1-3 2018 with Thale Celine Strand, Bjørn Tore Jakobsen, Basia Lipska Larsen
Weekend 2 Aug 24-26 2018 with Thale Celine Strand, Basia Lipska Larsen, Bjørn Tore Jakobsen
Weekend 3 Sept 14-16  2018 with Eilin Dalby

Weekend 4 Apr 26-28 2019 with Doug Swenson

The days will start with breathing and meditation, followed by an asana practice that is built around the theoretical topic of the day such as: hip themes, arm balances, the spine and back body in backbends and supine twists, the ankles, feet, wrists in inversions, shoulder care for particular movements in asanas, as well as core/ pelvic floor stability. The afternoon sessions will focus on the art of sequencing, the use of props, wall work, the principles and techniques of hands-on adjustments, focusing on coordinating appropriate hands-on cues with verbal and visual cues for the asana program of the day.

The weekend with Eilin will explore fun ways of expressing creativity within sequencing yoga flows with specific aims, targeted to specific needs i.e. tailoring to beginners, pre and postnatal yoga, corporate classes and privates, etc. The practice will give you a taste of intuitive movement, spirals and waves, locomotion (animal movements), martial arts-inspired moves and unique hands-on adjustments for healing practices. You will also look into the use of walls and props to connect to your inner power - and partner work to empower each other.

Schedule - Friday, Saturday, Sunday
07:30-08:30am Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation 
8:30-10:00am  Asana Practice 
10:30-12:30pm  Theory or Technique 
13:15-15:30pm  Theory or Group Practice

FEE: Payment for block of 100Hrs is 16 500NOK.

For booking: https://www.hiyoga.no/teacher-training/hiYoga-advanced/

About Bjørn
Bjorn has worked in the fitness industry as a group instructor and personal trainer for over two decades. During this time he has had a lot of experience with different body types and optimizing the clients expectations and needs depending on their goals. For along time yoga was a supplement to cardio and strength training, but after creating a daily practice of yoga and movement he needed to adjust and find new ways to incorporate the strength and cardio elements.
Certifications: Fitness Instructor SAFE, Personal Training AFPT, Gymnastic Coach Level 1 & 2, Virya Yoga RYT 200, Ashtanga Vinyasa RYT 500, Pilates 80 Hours

About Eilin

Eilin started yoga in 2008 and have been teaching since 2011. She is a registered yoga instructor, RYT 500 through the globally recognized Yoga Alliance. She currently works as one of the main instructors at

Hiyoga Majorstua in Oslo. Eilin joined Hiyoga from its start, in January 2016 and have worked there full time since then. Prior to this she worked at Puro yoga, Ashtanga yoga Oslo, Belly & Baby as well as Elixia and later SATS. In addition to private groups and corporate yoga. She has broad experience in teaching different styles, such as Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yogic Arts, Yin Yoga, Gentle Flow, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal yoga, Post natal yoga, kids yoga and Basic yoga. She is also inspired by dance, play and other «movement culture» as well as her children. In recent years she has taught courses and led teachers trainings together with other yoga teachers. She emphasizes quality and safety when teaching, and believes that inspiration and joy makes the best foundation of a lasting practice.

About Thale

Thale educated her selves at Norges Idretsshøgskole in the early nineties. Then she worked full time in the fitness industry for more than ten years where she was a district manager, group instructor, personal trainer and a teacher at the SATS academy. She has also been lecturing at Akademiet For Personlig Trening and SAFE. In addition, she is educated as an Osteopath D.O, Today she work as an Osteopath specialized in women health and children. Thale has always had a special interest and passion for anatomy, links in the body, and how the movements, breath and mind work together as a one. She also uses yoga both for her clients and her own well being.

About Basia
Basia is an artist and respected yoga icon in Europe. She is known for her yoga instruction and creative projects which range from art direction, commercial design, illustration to performance and modeling. She is a certified yoga professional who has managed and developed studios, taught and trained students in Asia and Europe. Since 2015 she is involved in the expansion of HiYoga studios in Scandinavia as a TT Product Manager and Lead Instructor.

With over two decades of experience in her field, she has held numerous yoga workshops, retreats, yoga teacher training programs, developed yoga studios and created yoga-inspired art work. You will find her in Poland´s PortalYogi´s online video platform. She is a sponsored athlete by Run & Relax and the creator of the DVDs: Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Flow.

Basia co-authored, designed and illustrated the Norwegian book Yogafilosofi for Hjertet, the Spirit Agenda and the Polish yoga book Joga dla kobiet w ciazy. She choreographed the yoga sequence for the Norwegian DVD and book Yoga for gravide, compiled the yoga CD Shanti Shanti and starred in the Japanese BS FUJI TV show and DVD called Yoga TV Mind Peace.