300H Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

A RYS 300-hour advanced training prepares its trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or subtler, and the training enables them to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200.

Educational Categories of Study & Practice (270 contact + 30 non-contact hours)

Breakdown of RYS hrs
Educational Categories of Study & Practice (270 contact + 30 non-contact hours)  

80H Yoga Alliance Educational Categories : 

  • Anatomy, Physiology
  • Asana Techniques & Training
  • Teaching methodology
  • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle 

190H HiYoga Education programs : 

  • Vinyasa Techniques, Training and Practice (both slow and dynamic styles) 
  • Vinyasa Sequencing Methodology
  • Asana adjustments 
  • Practicum (teaching, evaluating, providing feedback) 
  • Assisting in 200H Teacher trainings

Non contact - devoted to research, home-study, assignments, etc


REGISTRATION: Those interested in the 300H program register for a total of 270hrs out of the programs offered below. Upon successful completion of these course, participants receive a 300H Certificate.

100H Vinyasa: bærekraftig yogapraksis, kreativ sekvensering og teknikk med Eilin Dalby REGISTRATION:  https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/vinyasaeilindalby  

50H: Assisting and Teaching at 200H programs (Spring or Fall 2020) with TT Faculty .
need to Register.  Contact Eilin to organize dates for assisting and teaching.

50H Yogafilosofi:  Mystikk, Myter og Symboler i Yoga med Annette Thygesen 
 REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yogafilosofi  

20H Yoga Anatomy & Fitness with Halat Sophie Askari ( not yet listed in website)

50H Yoga Anatomi og Asana Justeringer med Trine Tschudi  
 REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/anatomitrinetschudi  

50H Slow Flow -  Healthcare and Wellness with Alexandra Atterbrand (44H contact +6H non contact)
 REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yogawellness  


Faculty (ERYT or RYT in Yoga Alliance Registry)

Eilin Ma Dalby – Lead Instructor

Annette Thygesen 

Halat Sophie Askari

Alexandra Atterbrand 

Trine Tschudi 

Iris Straume 

Bjørn Jakobsen


For more information, please contact eilin.ma.dalby@hiyoga.no or read here.