300H Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

A RYS 300-hour advanced training prepares its trainees to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and/or subtler, and the training enables them to teach with greater skill than could reasonably be expected of a RYT 200.

Educational Categories of Study & Practice (274 contact + 36 non-contact hours)

  • Vinyasa Techniques, Training and Practice (both slow and dynamic styles)
  • Vinyasa Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Asana Adjustments
  • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
  • Practicum (teaching, evaluating, providing feedback) 

REGISTRATION: Those interested in the 300H program register for each of the following 4 courses (listed below) separately which total 300hrs. Upon successful completion of these course, participants receive a 300H Certificate.

100H Vinyasa: bærekraftig yogapraksis, kreativ sekvensering og teknikk med Eilin Dalby

DATES: 2020
19 apr, 3 mai, 31 mai, 7 juni, 14 juni, 23 aug, 6 sept, 20 sept, 4 okt, 18 okt, 25 okt, 8 nov, 28 nov

100h contact - lectures with main instructor (Eilin).

In addition to the 100h lectures, students must complete the following:

    • 15h contact - class observation and participation of Eilin´s yoga classes at HiYoga (see HiYoga schedule)
    • 10h non-contact – personal homestudy devoted to yoga sequencing class plans, and teaching methodology class plans.
    • 20h contact of team teaching with main instructor at 200H Teacher Training . This includes participation as evaluator in the 200H assessment.  In the program below, 44hrs of class time from the 200H TT is listed. Students choose 20H of these 44hs to attend.


50H Yogafilosofi:  Mystikk, Myter og Symboler i Yoga med Annette Thygesen

DATES; 17 apr, 18 apr, 01 mai, 02 mai, 29 mai, 30 mai, 5 juni, 6 juni, 12 juni, 13 juni

REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yogafilosofi

50H contact with main instructor (Annette)

5H non contact – homestudy devoted to home assignments i.e. reading assignments, essays.

50H Yoga Anatomi og Asana Justeringer med Trine Tschudi

DATES: 3 okt, 17 okt, 24 okt, 7 nov, 28 nov, 29 nov, 13 des

REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/anatomitrinetschudi

25H contact -  yoga anatomy lectures with Trine.

25H contact – yoga asana adjustment theory & practice with Trine.

50H Slow Flow -  Healthcare and Wellness with Alexandra Atterbrand

DATES 2020-2021: 12 des, 23 jan, 24 jan, 5 feb, 6 feb, 26 feb, 27 feb

REGISTRATION: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yogawellness

44H contact – lectures with Alexandra

6H non contact – homestudy time devoted to assignments and class observations.


For more information, please contact basia.lipska.larsen@hiyoga.no, eilin.ma.dalby@hiyoga.no or read here.