40-hour Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Intensive Training

This is a 40H training to deepen your practice of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

From Monday to Friday the daily focus will be on your Mysore-style self-practice followed by asana techniques and adjustment practice for the postures of the primary series. This is a training for those you are currently practicing and need some more know-how, need the motivation to resume your practice or have been curious about starting up with this practice. If you are a yoga instructor wanting to explore the Ashtanga system this is a training for you. Similarily, Ashtanga yoga instructors looking for more adjustment techniques and practice are welcome.

Sted: HiYoga, Schultz gate7, Oslo
Lærere: Basia Lipska Larsen

29.juli – 2.aug 2019

Pris: kr 10 500,-
For påmelding klikk HER 

Monday- Friday
07:00-08:30 Mysore-style practice
09:00-11:30 Asana Technique
12:30-14:30 Asana Adjustment Practice
14:45-16:45 Asana Technique, Meditation

Mer info: basia.lipska.larsen@hiyoga.no

About Basia

Basia (Barbara) Lipska Larsen is an artist and respected yoga icon in Europe and Japan. In 2000 Basia started Ashtanga yoga in Japan and has continued to be involved in the yoga industry as a practitioner, instructor, advisor, model, author, studio owner and manager. She has created and developed training programs and held numerous retreats and workshops. Since 2015 she is involved in the development of HiYoga studio and in the training of yoga instructors at SATS centers in Scandinavia.

You will find Basia in the SATS online programs in Norway and Poland´s PortalYogi´s online video platform. She is the creator of the DVDs: Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Flow and co-author, designer and illustrator of the Norwegian book Yogafilosofi for Hjertet, the Spirit Agenda and the Polish yoga book Joga dla kobiet w ciazy (Yoga for Pregnancy). She choreographed the yoga sequence for the Norwegian DVD and book Yoga for gravide, compiled the yoga CD Shanti Shanti and starred in the Japanese BS FUJI TV show and DVD called Yoga TV Mind Peace.


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