40-hour Vinyasa Yoga Technique Course with Francesca Golfetto

This is a 40H intensive course to deepen your knowledge and skill of the asana practice within Vinyasa Yoga. This training is designed to introduce you to the foundations of cultivating a solid yoga vinyasa practice.

Regular yoga practitioners who frequent vinyasa or flow classes will benefit by understanding the postures and executing them with intelligence and safety while studying how to modify them to a simpler format or upgrade them to a more advanced version. This course is also for yoga instructors who want to sharpen their skills in the vinyasa method of synchronizing movement with breath within a broad range of postures while exploring alignment and the skill to modify postures to individuals´ levels and needs.The daily focus will be on techniques for various groups of asanas such as standing, seated and balancing postures as well as inverted postures. Students will receive a handbook that includes 3 different yoga vinyasa sequences they will study and use as to develop a home practice.

Location: HiYoga, Schultz gate7, Oslo
Francesca Golfetto


November 6 - 10 2019  (Wednesday to Sunday)

Fee: kr 10 500,-
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Monday- Friday

07:00-08:30 Vinyasa class 

09:00-11:30 Asana Techniques and their modifications

12:30-14:30 Group practice & technique

14:45-16:45 Vinyasa Asana technique based on themes (inversions, backbends, hips, etc)


About Francesca

Francesca is a professional ballet dancer, a certified yoga instructor and a model. She graduated from La Scala in Milan and Royal Ballet School in London. Since the age of 17, Francesca has been dancing at Royal Ballet (London), Zurich Opera House and Den Norske Opera & Ballett. She has been practicing yoga since 2007, initially using yoga as a way how to keep the body healthy and to release physical and mental tensions created from the strenuous ballet regime. It was, however, due to an injury when yoga became her healing resource and her passion. In 2017 she received an official authorization to teach the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga from Manju Jois, as well as many other official certifications. She is also educated as a nutrition and pilates instructor. Yoga has quickly given her many new dimensions to the already extensive experience with physical and mental exercises. Practicing and teaching yoga has been a life changer and become a lifestyle for Francesca. Her passion is to share her experience and knowledge, as well as continuously learning more. @chiccayoga is known for bringing the balance of discipline and positive energy to students and colleagues in the yoga community.

Mer info: francesca.golfetto@hiyoga.no