Ashtanga Yoga Kick Start Workshop for 2020

Location: HiYoga, Schultz gate7, Oslo

Instructor: Basia Lipska Larsen

Date: January 5th 2020, 13:00 - 15:30pm

Pris: Gratis for medlemmer, kr 300,- for ikke-medlemmer per gang.

Påmelding skjer en uke før workshopen. Påmelding er bindene og skjer ved betaling i resepsjon.


This is a Kick-Start to your yoga practice after the holidays. Essentially, you will be guided through the Ashtanga Primary series. We will, however, slow it down here and there and take technical pauses as to break the vinyasa down into its basic components, explore techniques for creating stability and greater lightness and efficiency in certain of the postures. For those new to the Ashtanga yoga system this workshop will give you practical methods of approaching it as a daily practice and leave you with greater confidence.  You will understand the main elements of Ashtanga yoga such as Breath, Bandhas, Drishti, Asana and Vinyasa. For those who attend Ashtanga Led classes - this is an informative introduction to set you on your path to Ashtanga´s Mysore-style classes and your own personal home practice.

Basia will share insights and experiences gained over 20 years of Ashtanga yoga practice with tips on keeping the practice sustainable, intelligently tailoring the practice to suit one´s lifestyle and keeping the thirst to enjoy life alive!

About Basia

Basia (Barbara) Lipska Larsen is an artist and respected yoga icon in Europe and Japan. In 2000 Basia basia.jpgstarted yoga in Japan and has continued to be involved in the yoga industry as a practitioner, instructor, advisor, model, author, studio owner and manager.  The yoga and wellness industry had become the inspiration behind her creative endeavours which range from art direction for books and dvds, commercial design projects, illustration to performance and styling. As a certified yoga professional with over two decades of experience in her field, she has created and developed training programs and held numerous retreats and workshops. As Yoga Product Manager and Master Trainer, since 2015, she has been setting up and teaching yoga educations for HiYoga and SATS fitness centers in Scandinavia.