HiYoga 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2019 - 2020

As a Registered Yoga School (RYSs®) under Yoga Alliance that offers 200H and 500H Yoga Teacher Trainings, HiYoga offers a 300-hour program compiled of 14 weekends of practice and lectures over a 7 month term. To enroll, students must have successfully completed a RYS200 Yoga Teacher Training or are professional yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their practice, knowledge and expertise.

The training offers a deepening into what you may have already touched. From the strong practice and detailed techniques of the Ashtanga Yoga method to the creativity and innovation of sequencing in Vinyasa-style Flows and the restorative nourishment that manifests in the practice of Restorative and Yin yoga systems. The philosophy classes delve deeper into the Indian myths and symbology and exploration into bringing this into a daily practice. Within the field of science and psychology the program delves into the therapeutic affects of yoga, the neuroscience of the brain and emotions, sound therapy, and creative self-explorative exercises through art.

Start: 31. August 2019

Pris: Depositum kr 4 500,- // RYT300 Teacher Training (eks dep) kr 43 000,-

TT Direktør, Instruktør : Basia Lipska Larsen

Sted: HiYoga Majorstuen, Oslo

Påmelding: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/teacher-training-ryt300-5


Saturdays & Sundays 07:30-16:45

  • Uke 1, 2019 12.-13 Oktober
  • Uke 2, 2019 26.-27 Oktober
  • Uke 3, 2019 30.Nov - 01 Desember
  • Uke 4, 2019 14.-15 Desember
  • Uke 5, 2020 18.-19 Januar
  • Uke 6, 2020 1.-2 Februar
  • Uke 7, 2020 29.Feb-01. Mars
  • Uke 8, 2020 28.-29. Mars
*in addition to these weekends there are 4 weekends in 2019 where students assist and lecture in the 200H TT.

Faculty :

TT Faculty: Basia Lipska Larsen (Ashtanga Yoga), Eilin Dalby ( Vinyasa Yoga methods) Annette Thygesen (Yoga Philosophy), Siw Aduvill ( Yoga Off the Mat & Into the World)  Jonathan Weber (Mindfulness, Psychology), Tiril Elstad (Yoga Anatomy & Physiology), Ingallil Johnson ( Psychology & Creativity), Cecilie H. Richards (Yoga of Sound), Bjørn Tore Jakobsen (Yoga & Fitness), Alexandra Atterbrand ( Yin & Restorative Yoga).

Sted: HiYoga Majorstuen, Oslo


For a detailed info package please email basia.lipska.larsen@hiyoga.no