Jump Back & Jump Through Workshop with Jamie

Join me for a 2 hour workshop where you will learn the basic principles and techniques of how tojump back and jump through as practised in the Ashtanga Yoga system.We will break down this technique and work through specific drills on how to build strength, bodyawareness and confidence on this vinyasa as well as the vinyasas in the Sun Salutations and othertransitions found in Primary Series. This workshop is available for all levels of students as everyonewill learn a strong foundation to work from with progressions and steps tailored to their ability.Previous experience of Ashtanga Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga is advised.



Principles around pressing, bandha and Newton's laws on physics and balance. Ways to build strength in your asana practice with a breakdown on which body parts we are developing and bringing awareness to.

Surya Namaskar A / Jump back
A breakdown on the sun salutations with progressions and strength drills to build body awareness and technique.

Navasana / Jump Back:
We’ll go through various drills and progressions to learn the technique of jumping back from a seated position working through Kakasana, Utkatasana and Lolasana.

Surya Namaskar A / Jump Forward
Working on progressions to jump / float forward with control with various progressions and partner work to build strength and body awareness.

Jumping Through.
Working on various drills and progressions to incorporate all of the day's techniques to learn to jump
forward and through.

Warm down:We will close the day with some breath work and stretching followed by a Q&A on how to take these techniques away and bring into our own practice.

Teacher speaks English



Jamie Henderson is an Ashtanga / Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and teacher who is passionate about body
movement and health. Having left London to focus solely on Ashtanga Yoga, Jamie has studied
extensively with Iain Grysak in Bali and Astrid Holte Østbye here in Norway. He was first introduced to
Ashtanga in 2009 and has had a daily practice since 2015. He also maintains a regular meditation and
pranayama practice, is passionate about hand balancing and has had a personal study of anatomy,
body mechanics and trigger point therapy for over a decade.

Date : 23/10
Time: 12:00-14:00
Fee: 200 NOK members / 400 non-members