REST - The Art of Restoring Immersion Workshop

This is an immersion workshop with Ulrica Norberg and Hillevi Borga in the Art of Restoring, Destressing and Rebooting one´s system efficiently to manage stress and tension.

Location: HiYoga, Schultz gate7

Instructors: Ulrica Norberg, Hillevi Borga

Dates: 11-13 september 2020 

Friday         10:00 - 5:00 pm
Saturday     9:00 - 4:00 pm
Sunday       9:00 - 3:00 pm

Fee:  kr. 6.500,-


In yoga, we work with tension and through different techniques we wish to move deeper into it, step by step, day by day, practicing again and again, until we reach its core. Then we stay with it and use releasing techniques like slow poses, visualization, breath, and silence in order for the tension to resolve. We need to slow things down in the core of tension so the bodily systems that have perhaps been drained of energy can take some time to recover new energy, and slowly the stress and tension release their grip.

Restorative yoga is a yogic approach of limiting the options for the body to continue to be carried by fear, pain, stress, and tension by using different props to make us weightless; removing all pressure on the body’s joints and holding the poses for six minutes up to an hour. Restorative yoga aids the so called “Relaxation Response” in the brain, which is the healing mode for our being.

In this training, Ulrica and Hillevi bring a fresh view on this practice by adding the science and spirituality to a junction point; through a more anatomical, physiological perspective as well as an energetic and individual perspective. The duo also share ow you can make this practice more effective and accessible to more people.

There are so many ways we can boost our systems through active rest. Off and on the mat. Welcome to this course and learn ways to bring your health to new heights.


Philosophy, method, practice, prop or no prop, different ways to restore ones energy, neurophysiology, anatomy, energetic study, meditation, breathing, pose analysis, combination practice to restorative yoga.


About Ulrica - Yogiraj: yogamaster and best-selling writer.

Ulrica Norberg is a wellknown yogamaster in Europe and har practiced different Restorative practices the past  20 years, has studied the art of rest in several trainings and she is the author of the best selling book Restorative yoga/Återhämtning (Harper Collins/Skyhorse).

About Hillevi - Physioterapist and experienced yogateacher. 

Hillevi Borga is working as a yoga teacher and physiotherapist and highly appreciated by students and clients. She teaches anatomy in various trainings.