Workshop med Ilias

When in struggle and fear, we become the least resourceful version of ourselves. We panic and make quick decisions that are based on insecurity and, they are not always the best choices we can make. Moreover, even realising we are in struggle is a very difficult thing to do. This workshop will equip you with tools, which can help you trace down the subtle expressions of fear and struggle both on physical and emotional levels. You will also learn how to cope with them, so that you can turn these challenging situations into rich learning experiences and grow, instead of paralysing or going down a spiral of self-mutilation. Physical focus: hips, neck, shoulders & arm balances.



All levels are welcome. Props you will need to bring: Large bath towel, strap.

Teacher speaks English 


About Ilias

Ilias is a Level 4 Forrest Yoga teacher (RYT 500) and Forrest Yoga Guardian-in-training. His passion is to share the transformational tools of yoga both on and off the mat. His classes are designed to take the students much deeper on both physical and emotional levels. Through deep breathing, intense physical practice and sharp focus, the practitioners begin to listen more to their own body and intuition. Ilias' class is a safe arena, where the students can begin feeling how to work with their injuries and pain, and at the same time strengthen and enjoy some fun sequences. Not everything has to be serious! 


Date: 24/10

Time: 10.00-12.00

Place: HiYoga Majorstuen

Price: 200 NOK memebers/400 NOK non-members