Yinyoga Teacher Training - Module 1 with Ulrica Norberg

Are you interested in Neurofascial and Neuromuscular science? In the connection between spirituality and science? Of how to work with tension? Of connective tissue? Intruiged by energy work? The embodiment and healing yoga? How to use yoga to increase life quality and the building of muscular strenght? Is meditation appealing to you but are too restless?

Then this training is something to consider for you. You don’t have to be a teacher or even want to teach yoga to benefit from this training. Yet for those of you who wish do deepen your yogapractice and teaching, it will be very fruitful in many ways.


Yinyoga Teacher Training - Module 1

(Intensive format: 14.5 contact hrs + 10.5 non-contact hrs)

Location: HiYoga, Schultz gate 7, Oslo

Instructor: Ulrica Norberg

Dates: August 5th-6th 2020,

Wednesday 2-5.30 pm, 6.30-9 pm

Thursday 10am-1pm , 2-7:30pm

Fee: kr 4900,-

Registration: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yinyogatt-modul-1#/form

Pre-Course Preperation: https://hiyoga.pameldingssystem.no/yinyogatt-modul-1#/program

This training is focusing on the art of Yin Yoga; the practice of how to de- tensify in order to re-sensify. Why? So we can live stronger, more alive, better restored, not so edgy, more wholesome, clear, solid and powerful in body, mind and spirit.

This training is designed by Ulrica Norberg, a Master yogi from Sweden who has decades of experience from various yoga styles (yin yoga since 2000), meditation and personal growth from various fields and traditions.  She highly respects and honors her teachers and the founders of the modern yin development, yet adds her experience in working more individually to adapt the yoga practice to be more about the individual than the group. Feeding more what one needs instead of the “wants”.
Ulrica is always up-to-date in modern research and fuses that with her deep studies of yoga and philosophy. She has taught Yinyoga since 2006 and this year she has updated her yin training to be even more transparent and solid.

This module

After this module, you can build towards a teachers training certification after 50 hrs or a yinyoga teacher Specialty training 85 hours after 3 modules. Here, Ulrica Norberg, a well renowned yogi and teacher, offers an intensive training including 2 days training in Oslo at HiYoga combined with some online material and written material.


The Individual Approach to Yin Yoga

This training explore asana from the yinside, by way of the subtle connection between body and mind from a more individualized perspective. Practicing Yin yoga with a more individual approach on yin yoga, means we search for tension and when found, we apply the appropriate tools for that individual to release the tension in the fascia, so mobility, circulation and muscular connection activates again. Yin yoga stems back more to its authentic roots from “Raj asanas” /meditative asana explored in the Hathayoga Pradipika and also merging back from the initial science from yoga on how to target tension via working from the fascia to the muscle, from the subtle to the physical. This way, it is yin working towards yang.

In this approach to yin yoga the yin practice is led to be a great complementary practice to any “yang” oriented practice, as preparation for meditation, tension reducing, mind strengthening, relaxation, preparation for pranayama and more vigorous practices and as a great way of balancing the inner and outer aspects of living. In the first module we explore yin from a more ground level, and look at how to begin a home practice.

Topics taught in this training:

Learn the foundations of Yin Yoga, including: The Art of the Yin practice, Energetic Alignment, Individuality, Subtle and Physical Anatomy, Pranayama and Kriyas. Focus is on how to start a personal Yinyoga practice.