Yoga Workshop Series with Eilin Dalby - CREATING A SUSTAINABLE YOGA PRACTICE

Welcome all to this upcoming workshop series at HiYoga. In this workshop series we will explore how to create a sustainable yoga practice.

We will approach this from HiYoga´s 4 core values:


All of the workshops are 2,5 hours. They start with a brief lecture, followed by an vinyasa-based asana practice (1.5 hr), ending with 30 min of Q&A/sharing. We will progress throughout the series and the workshops build loosely onto each other, but it is also possible to attend them separately. For this Fall, the series focuses on «Creating a Sustainable Practice»

The workshops suit practitioners of all levels that are curious about how to create a sustainable practice that supports the shifting challenges and needs we face throughout our lives. It is for practitioners that are curious about some of the philosophy behind this eastern tradition in which our modern day western yoga has evolved from. We welcome all who would like to participate in a supportive community, and explore together.

Location: HiYoga, Schultz gate7, Oslo

Instructor: Eilin Dalby


Workshop 1:  31. August, 13:00 - 15:30
Workshop 2:  01. September, 13:00 - 15:30
Workshop 3:  21. September, 13.00 - 15.30
Workshop 4:  02. November, 13:00 - 15:30
Workshop 5:  30. November, 13:00 - 15:30

Pris: Gratis for medlemmer, kr 300,- for ikke-medlemmer per gang.

Påmelding skjer en uke før workshopen. Påmelding er bindene og skjer ved betaling i resepsjon.

Description on Workshops

WORKSHOP 1 - What is a Yoga Practice?

We will look into yoga as a tradition: A very brief history of yoga, its roots, how it has evolved to its modern expression in the west today, and some key personas and lineages. Followed by an easy vinyasa-based class and breath work.

WORKSHOP 2 - Ahimsa (non-harming)

We will dive straight into Patanjali´s Yoga Sutras, looking into «the great vow», creating a safe space to practice non-harm.

The asana segment will look at Vinyasa & Prepping. We will spend extra time with prepping and warm-ups as to build a good and stable foundation to explore from and move in a pain-free way.

WORKSHOP 3 - Sangha (Building a supportive community)

As a novice in anything we know that the road is going to be tricky and challenging ahead. Surrounding ourselves with people that support us on this path is crucial. Together we are stronger. 

For asana practice we will look at Locomotion, Partner Exercises & Thai Therapy. We will explore how to safely support each other, play and have fun together. 

WORKSHOP 4 - Dharma (The order that makes life and universe possible)

Throughout life we go through constant changes. How do we build a practice that supports our transitions, help us ease into challenges and meet our needs? Identifying your own personal path.

The asana segment will explore Strong & Restorative exercises and movements, as well as polarities and homeostasis.

WORKSHOP 5 - Ananda (Bliss)

This workshop will focus on taking time off in our busy schedules to fill our own cups. Rekindle that inner flame that brings spark to everything else that we do. How do we share that joy with the world. We will end with a vinyasa master class.


Eilin is one of the most popular of the Master Teachers at HiYoga. She has been practicing since 2008 and teaching since the end of 2011. Apart from her regular classes, she is on the TT faculty and a Master Trainer for yoga at SATS. She focuses on technique and flow, and teaches from her heart. Open, honest and playful. You can read more about her here

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